33: A Live Mess (The Anniversary Episode)

The Anniversary Episode

We try out broadcasting our podcast recording sessions. This is not a change in format we just want to create a new way for you, our listeners, to participate in our usual audio productions via Facebook Live.

Main Topic: Games and Mainstream Media

[0:01:20] The Live Podcast Recording Starts
[0:04:25] Games to Media (Movies, TV)
[0:04:30] Netflix’ The Witcher
[0:07:45] Richard Patterson as Batman, the Twilight crutch, Vampire: The Masquerade (board game 1991), & vampires.
[0:10:28] Puro Ka Laro’s Anniversary
[0:11:20] Vivz’ Dubai OFW Life
[0:12:46] Vivz’ audio difficulties in the middle east
[0:15:47] Vivz’ Giddy Mode & Mits’ Return to Streaming
[0:16:45] Geeky Fandom in Mainstream Media
[0:21:03] Nostalgia Marketing for the Future Adult Gamer 
[0:25:31] Everyone’s a Geek
[0:26:27] Sidetracked: Goofery 
[0:27:05] Sidetracked: Da who?
[0:28:30] Playing Games as Work (Game Reviewer, Game Streamer, Game Tester, etc.)
[0:32:54] ESGS and Ranida Games’ Bayani
[0:41:47] Multiplayer Stream?
[0:44:17] Crowd Sourced Media Assets for Games - Exploitative or Not?
[0:48:59] Licensing Music in Games and Game Music in Mainstream Media
[0:58:22] Wrap Up

The Biggest Mess … The Tech Guy pressed delete at the end of live feed.

Recorded: July 26, 2019

Aired: July 29, 2019


Music: Fireburst by ANGL

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