35: Cooking Stream Support

Main Topic: Do streamers get enough support?

  • Support from ESGS via stream
  • The Quality of Streamer Content
  • The Culture of Shoutouts & Fan Signs
  • Truth or Entertainment?
  • Violent Games - Violent Crimes
  • Sidetrack: Rightwing Politics
  • New Culture from a New Gamer Generation¬†
    • Sidetracked: BPO Memories
    • Economics: Reason for Piracy
    • Sidetracked: Life Plans
    • Video Games more than a Distraction
  • Enter Dexty on Streamer Competition
  • The Problem with Viewer Communities
  • Salty Ninjitsu
  • Shroud of Humility
  • Suspended Disrespect
  • Ms A Needs no Bath Water
  • Pros and Cons of Streamer Talent Agencies
  • What is a Stream Engineer
  • Streamer First / Gamer First
  • Different Types of Streamings
  • Stream for Others or for Yourself?
  • Agency Talent Housing
  • Who to guest next?
  • Wrapping Up and The Return of Digitized Vivz

Recorded Live: August 9, 2019

On-Demand Upload: August 12, 2019



Music: Fireburst by ANGL

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