38: TGS Logistics The Game in Fantasy HD

Episode 38 Notes

Title: TGS Logistics The Game in Fantasy HD

Recorded: September 20, 2019

Aired: September 25, 2019

  • Around the Philippine Streamerverse!
  • Hideo Kojima’s Game aka Trans-Lala-Kas-Grab-ify The Game
  • Around the shooter arena genre and Overwatch
  • The APEX of Kabobohan (Gamer Rage)
  • Streaming a game you don’t like.
  • The VIVZ SQUEEEE! - Final Fantasy Remake
  • Hosts of the Tokyo Game Show are the Best
  • TGS: Game Roundup 
    • Project Resistance 
    • Personal 5 
    • NioH 
    • Shenmue 
  • Quick Time Event Mechanic
  • PS5 Announcement Schedule Speculation
  • Bastardized Buster Sword Photo
  • Monster Hunter 90 Hours Lost
  • Ayaw na mag Grind ni iNANG
  • Wrapping Up

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Music: Fireburst by ANGL

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